Dark Season: RTD’s 1st Show 🖥️ Discussion & Review Podcast | Russell T Davies TV

We discuss the first TV show from Russell T Davies! Mystical computers, proto-Doctor Who, ‘no subtext’, the power of TV, writing to children, showrunner semantics, career origins, genre savviness, extra novelisation material, bifurcated structure, fantastical contrasts, blonde supremacists, & more are explored in this review of Dark Season’s 1991 run of six episodes.

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Does RTD, Moffat, or Chibnall have the best take on the Daleks? 🤖 Doctor Who Debate

Which showrunner has the best take on the Daleks? Three opposing sides battle this question out in a Doctor Who Debate!

1 show. 3 fans. 1 question. 3 perspectives. This is Doctor Who Debate, where we each take a side, and tackle a controversial question about Doctor Who — but it’s up to you to decide who won the debate!

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‘This is the future’: RTD2’s First Moves | Doctor Who Discussion Podcast

The Fourteenth Doctor’s first story is out, over a year before their actual TV specials air. Meanwhile, lots of new topics (and debates) are cropping up as Doctor Who transitions from Chibnall’s era to the second era of Russell T Davies. So we discuss 14’s first story, future furor, 13 to 14’s costume debate, Disney & doomsaying, pre-emptive storytelling, fans feeling scorned, ‘sanctity’ of regenerations, novelty & familiarity, erasure & overshadowing, era liminality, & more.

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The Power of the Doctor 🍦 Discussion & Review | Doctor Who Podcast

Chibnall’s era is over. How did it end? Degeneration, past possessiveness, holographic agency, character arcs, worshipped iconography, emotional incuriosity, actors as museums, literalised toxicity, and companion therapy are just some of the topics we discuss, as we chew over the final episode of the Thirteenth Doctor’s era.

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The Tragedy of Yaz

A deep dive into the longest-running companion of Doctor Who. Who is Yasmin Khan? What is Yaz’s story, what is Yaz’s character, what has been Yaz’s journey, and what is the nature of Yaz’s relationship with the Doctor?

All these sorts of questions are explored through an exhaustive journey through Chibnall’s era, examining every episode, and a multitude of interviews and extras. Along the way, key running themes and storytelling quirks of the era are identified and discussed, in a cumulative analysis capturing how the era was shaped, and how it shifted over time.

The character of Yaz is approached from a place of curiosity and empathy. Topics visited along this journey include the idea of storytelling ‘time loops’, evolving character writing, infantilisation, the impact of an audience upon how characters are written, character regression and storytelling oscillation, the interplay between offscreen platonic relationships and ‘in-character’ relationship shipping, expectations of audience affection, disinterest in drama, claims and positioning of LGBT representation, and many more.

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The Empty Child | The Doctor Dances 🍌 Discussion & Review | Doctor Who: Series 1

Technology & technofarce, mechanisms of control, contested history, joint authorship, iterations in Moffat’s career, matrices of ideas, repressive morality, sitcom structure, evaluating Captain Jack, sex in Doctor Who, what’s changed from 2005 to now, & more are discussed in this review of Steven Moffat’s 2005 The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances episodes of Doctor Who.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife: Episode 6 (Finale) 👰 Discussion & Review

Effective finality, mindbending time trips, miracle moments, greener grass, marriage totality, separate selves across time, ideal versions of partners, wedding metaphors, maturity levels, romance of devotion, memory perspectives, & more are discussed in this review of the 2022 finale of The Time Traveler’s Wife.

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