The second epzode of Who Cares naturally covered the second episode of Doctor Who’s 11th series; THE GHOST MONUMENT.
Just who are Angstrom and Epzo? The question had plagued our minds, a nonstop source of confusion and debate. Would Neo’s #teamepzo stance be vindicated in the face of his castmate’s allegiance to Angstrom? Would the sophomore episode prove the premiere a fluke, one way or another? And just what can be learned from a Sniperbot? Nate Bumber joined the cast in an instalment that would see these pressing questions answered.

Nate Bumber
Edited by Neo

Doctor Who cinegrid s11e02 THE GHOST MONUMENT
Neo’s cinegrid for THE GHOST MONUMENT
Doctor Who barcode s11e02 THE GHOST MONUMENT
Neo’s barcode for THE GHOST MONUMENT. Barcodes are every frame of a video compressed into a line, typically to compare colour palette patterns. The bottom version is further compressed to just indicate the dominant colour of a frame.


Zoom zoom zoom zoom


  • In the last podcast, the term “visual Big Finish” was coined to refer to the amount of out-of-frame action going on. Here, it gets even more to appeal to, as the Doctor outright narrates more and more. But is it careless, or actually on purpose? (1:30)
  • Battle lines are drawn, as all fall behind #teamangstrom. (4:06)
  • The cast adore the lunacy of Ryan’s POV shooting sequence. (9:28)
  • Neo questions the amount of close-ups on character’s faces during dialogue. (10:31)
  • Ryan’s age is questioned. (14:16)
  • Nate resists the cast considering the “timeless child” scene set-up for a series arc. (16:16)
  • Neo is amused by the Doctor effectively reading the script from the floor, and agrees with Ingiga that the Stenza will probably be the series arc. (19:26)
  • Storm phones in (sort of) to defend the rags as villains. (22:39)
  • Neo thinks Susan Lynch, actor for Angstrom, would have made a better Doctor, while Nate defends Jodie Whittaker. (24:35)
  • Neo reads out Peter Capaldi’s 2016 comments, from when the actor was considering staying on for Chris Chibnall’s eleventh series of the show. (27:39)
  • Opinions are divided over the new TARDIS design. (29:36)
  • Neo thinks the show is abandoning some of the fantastical for a more grounded approach he sees modern superhero stories position themselves as taking. (32:22)
  • If Yaz is going to be so underused early on, and the fourth episode is going back to modern-day Sheffield anyway, why not delay Yaz’ introduction as a companion until then? (36:16)
  • Nate shares some three-companion set-ups that have worked in the wider, non-TV Doctor Who universe, before sharing an interesting fact about why the Fifth Doctor had so many companions. (39:34)
  • Nate notes the episode had an odd tendency to focus on Graham’s reaction to something when the scene in question is more pivotal to other characters. Fortunately, that odd little misjudgement will never be repeated. (44:57)
  • Nate has an extremely specific guess as to who the ‘timeless child’ is. (48:06)
  • Neo reads out Morphant’s in absentia heartfelt defence of, and explanation for, the new TARDIS interior. (49:32)

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