The eight epzode of Who Cares covered the third and final historical of Doctor Who’s 11th series; THE WITCHFINDERS.
The cast expands to seven people for this epzode, demonstrating audience hostility by just missing out on the episode-appropriate number of voices. But the first episode directly addressing the new Doctor’s gender in dialogue certainly generated a lot of conversation. And just what are the implications of garbing one’s self in a witchfinder outfit during very real witch hunts? An unforgettable amount of unpacking was due.

Broken Mirrors
Edited by Ingiga

Doctor Who cinegrid s11e08 THE WITCHFINDERS
Neo’s cinegrid for THE WITCHFINDERS
Doctor Who barcode s11e08 THE WITCHFINDERS
Neo’s barcode for THE WITCHFINDERS. Barcodes are every frame of a video compressed into a line, typically to compare colour palette patterns. The bottom version is further compressed to just indicate the dominant colour of a frame.



  • A Satanic ditty. (0:27)
  • A Satanic incantation. (1:22)
  • All this Satanism has addled Ingiga’s sense of numeracy. (2:08)
  • Neo is sick, and it shows. (2:20)
  • Mirrors and Storm clash with Neo on the matter of whether King James in this episode, and Shakespeare in THE SHAKESPEARE CODE, are played similarly. (2:48)
  • Some men on the cast start projecting. (7:03)
  • The only thing more convoluted than Doctor Who chronology is the British monarchy. (9:40)
  • This is Alan Cumming’s first time in the Whoniverse, right? Right? (10:35)
  • “This is the exact same episode as THE IMPOSSIBLE ASTRONAUT”, so sayeth Mirrors. (13:00)
  • Tomtit brings up important historical fact regarding King James. (16:28)
  • Ingiga and Neo object to another historical episode demonstrating undue individualistic focus. (17:15)
  • The TARDIS team playfully cloaking themselves in witchfinder garb…was it a bit “if they wore white hoods in ROSA”, so to speak? And having the witch-hunted characters in the episode actually be witches, was it a bit…well, Mirrors makes a comparison…that I don’t feel comfortable typing out… (21:24)
  • “This episode does the worst thing any Doctor Who historical can do in that it just takes history and twists it into a Doctor Who story until it snaps”, so speaketh Tomtit. (24:15)
  • The opinion filter kicks in. (28:36)
  • Dilb. (29:35)
  • Mirrors reuses a joke. (31:28)
  • The Doctor being patronised – metafictional commentary? (32:25)
  • Tomtit probes Storm for his opinion on Joy Wilkinson’s writing. (35:35)
  • Ingiga asks the cast how they’d rate the series 11 newcomer writers. (37:41)
  • Mirrors examines what “Kerblam fans” thought of the episode. (39:55)
  • Tomtit engages in some Socratic dialogue. (46:39)
  • Neo turns his eye to Telperion, a weirwood, the magic tree. (47:31)
  • The Doctor forgets Satan. (51:11)
  • Asteroids with pockets. (1:02:00)
  • Graham insisted there was no hierarchy in the TARDIS team. Was he right? (1:04:13)
  • Have the series 11 episodes been broadcast in the right order? (1:05:20)
  • Concerns are raised over King James fetishising Ryan as a black man. (1:08:00)
  • Ingiga correctly guesses the twist of the next episode. (1:09:12)
  • The rest of the cast’s tomfoolery prompts Neo to make this expression, as Tomtit accurately identifies. (1:11:12)

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