RESOLUTION: An Interactive Adventure | Choose-Your-Own Doctor Who Podcast

The first Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Doctor Who podcast! Choose guest’s opinions, topics, & even fates, throughout multiple paths, songs, skits, and endings. Many voices and hot takes converge (emphasis on the ‘verge’) in a journey where you decide not only the outcome, but the people to hear from, what opinions you’ll tolerate, & how to progress! Choose your future. Choose your resolution. Choose Who.

Nate Bumber
Broken Mirrors
Edited by Neo

Doctor Who cinegrid 2019 NYD special RESOLUTION
Neo’s cinegrid for RESOLUTION
Doctor Who barcode s11e11 RESOLUTION
Neo’s barcode for RESOLUTION. Barcodes are every frame of a video compressed into a line, typically to compare colour palette patterns. The bottom version is further compressed to just indicate the dominant colour of a frame.


No notes here, as the idea is to explore and discover for yourself!

When you find the most conclusive of the endings, in the description for that video there is a link to the HTML map of the entire interactive experience, for you to see all its secrets if you so wish. The map is an HTML file and can be loaded in a web browser to work as an demonstration of the choice paths, on in the program Twine to see the entire choice map, the network of all the interactivity, laid bare.

This experience totals 60 videos, and between 4~10 hours depending how you count it:

  • 9 hours 46 minutes for the absolute total of content.
  • 5 hours 43 minutes for unique – that is, non-repeated, can only be experienced one way – content.
  • Between 4 and 5 hours if time relativity is disregarded.

A regular runthrough typically takes between 1 and 2 hours.

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