RESOLUTION: Part 1 (Positive Discusion)

This version of the interactive Who Cares special, covering the New Year’s Day special Resolution, featured a positive take. This is the first of two abridged, split-into-two, linear, audio-only versions of the choose-your-own-adventure/path/podcast that was the Who Cares take on Resolution.

Broken Mirrors
Nate Bumber
Edited by Neo

Doctor Who cinegrid 2019 NYD special RESOLUTION
Neo’s cinegrid for RESOLUTION
Doctor Who barcode s11e11 RESOLUTION
Neo’s barcode for RESOLUTION. Barcodes are every frame of a video compressed into a line, typically to compare colour palette patterns. The bottom version is further compressed to just indicate the dominant colour of a frame.


  • Disclaimer that this is an abridged version of the original interactive special. (0:00)
  • The Resolution prophecy. (2:54)
  • Thoughts on the Lyn in the bathroom examining her Dalek possessor scene. (7:41)
  • Comparing Dalek Empire with the special. (8:50)
  • Comparing Iron Man with the special. (10:00)
  • Mirrors gets excited. (19:35)
  • Family DNA, Dalek eugenics. (19:45)
  • Was there something off with how Ryan ‘forgave’ his father at the end of the special? (21:18)
  • How the director, Wayne Yip, handled the TARDIS interior . (22:40)
  • The “pillars” of “hope”. (24:10)
  • “UNIT gets Brexited.” (27:10)
  • Some of the cast get scathing towards TWICE UPON A TIME. (28:45)
  • Impact font! (33:40)
  • The Problem of Yaz. (33:46)
  • Nate Bumber joins Neo for a special segment unpacking the special from a different perspective to discuss the Daleks, obscure lore, and what is to come. (37:11)
  • Nate speaks Dalek. (54:05)
  • Neo is rejoined. (54:17)
  • Take a walk through the timeline of RESOLUTION and its spoilers. (55:52)
  • Ingiga praises Chibnall, as usual. (1:02:53)
  • Mirrors hides his thoughts on Dalek dominatrixes. (1:03:45)
  • The discussion ends. (1:04:42)
  • A 🎵 Happy 🎵 Ending . (1:06:07)

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