YEARS AND YEARS | Episode 1 | Review & Discussion

Who Cares about former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies’ new show, YEARS AND YEARS? In this first instalment of coverage for the six-episode miniseries, that question is thoroughly answered. Music, politics, a surprising link between Russell T Davies and Quentin Tarantino; much is discussed as the years of 2019 to 2024 that the episode covered are examined.

Broken Mirrors
Edited by Neo

Neo’s cinegrid for YEARS AND YEARS, episode 1
Neo’s barcode for YEARS AND YEARS, episode 1. Barcodes are every frame of a video compressed into a line, typically to compare colour palette patterns. The bottom version is further compressed to just indicate the dominant colour of a frame.



  • Augmented reality Snapchat-esque filter masks – believable or not? (02:54)
  • The first Doctor Who Equivalent is pointed out. (04:10)
  • Generational attitudes to the British monarchy. (04:33)
  • The successor to the television. (05:10)
  • Sex-fighting classes. (07:13)
  • Mirrors draws a connection to Common Core education, to the bewilderment of Tomtit. (08:00)
  • A moment of self-awareness in RTD’s likely self-insert. (09:19)
  • Realistic arguments over fake news. (11:20)
  • RTD’s insistence Trump will get a second term. (13:25)
  • Ingiga’s insistence on inaccuracies in presuming static political futures for his UK homeland, vergeance born from a spat with Neo. (14:05)
  • The usually markedly apolitical Mirrors brings up neoliberalism and the end of history. (16:00)
  • Neo complains about generations complaining about each other. (16:30)
  • The episodes connections to DOCTOR WHO begin to be explored. (18:02)
  • Concerns are raised over a would-be robotic fleshlight. (19:19)
  • A moment lacking self-awareness. (20:15)
  • Neo excitedly begins opining on similarities and differences to series 11; the same 2:1 aspect ratio, but a very different (yet familiar!) composer, and so on. Musical clips are provided! (22:09)
  • The odd way the episode talks about transgender issues, and some bizarre equivalences made, are discussed in detail. (25:08)
  • Both RTD, and the podcast’s four speakers, think on the connections the show has to BLACK MIRROR. (30:32)
  • Mirrors and Neo both evasively talk around the fact neither of them are particularly good at counting. (33:00)
  • “Trump hands” and Americanisation. (34:55)
  • Tomtit draws a stunning connection between Vivienne Rook and the Thirteenth Doctor. (35:30)
  • Mirrors confronts the rest of the cast, demanding to know what few aspects of the episode they disliked. Neo jumps to moralise against ‘dystopia porn’. Ingiga gets alarmingly political. (36:56)
  • A connection is drawn to Mr. Bean. (39:14)
  • RTD and Quentin Tarantino’s SHOCKING connection. (39:36)
  • Holy shit, domesticity for the win! (40:38)
  • Tomtit’s bugbear about the episode turns out to be about exposition, something RTD has a history of tweaking at. (41:23)
  • RTD’s atheism is brought to light. (43:24)
  • Neo has a lightbulb moment, and suddenly the impetus behind the episode’s odd approach to playing with the language around being transgender. (44:17)
  • Vivienne Rook is founder of the J.J.C. think tank. J. C. (Jeremy Corbyn) is conspicuously absent in the series. The dots are joined, in violent fashion. (44:31)
  • Two Australians and an Englishman bloviate about, presuming how Americans might find the series when it begins to air there on June 24th on HBO. The opinions of the actual American present are also a thing. (45:55)
  • Tomtit sighs over the un-marketability of the show’s very title. (47:43)
  • The cast share their favourite shots from the episode (psst, the cinegrid above might be relevant). (49:27)
  • The point is raised how natural the little resentments, cliques, conflicts, irritations, and so on between characters feel, in comparison to the passivity and agreeability of the cast in Doctor Who’s series 11. (51:11)
  • Mirrors opens up. (52:18)
  • Doctor Who crossover confirmed. (54:37)

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