YEARS AND YEARS | Episode 3 | Review & Discussion

Who Cares about YEARS AND YEARS, three weeks in? Well, what’s there to care about? Skeevy IQ testing, even skeevier BBC titling, Viv Rook’s Last Supper, cathartic car crushing, Murray Gold’s music, and multiple moments of embarrassment for the cast, as the show’s halfway point is reached. The show being YEARS AND YEARS, not WHO CARES? of course (have no fears, we’ve stories for…years!).

Broken Mirrors
Edited by Neo

Neo’s cinegrid for YEARS AND YEARS, episode 3
Neo’s barcode for YEARS AND YEARS, episode 3. Barcodes are every frame of a video compressed into a line, typically to compare colour palette patterns. The bottom version is further compressed to just indicate the dominant colour of a frame.



  • The musical intro for these YEARS AND YEARS podcasts is again courtesy of Deadlocked. (0:00)
  • Heat + meat =… (1:13)
  • A toast to Storm, by way of Paul Cornell. (1:21)
  • Neo has mispronounced “vegan” his whole life. The others let him (me) know this. In any case, did RTD actually show a positive development of the future? (1:31)
  • Christmas, e-special-y, is cancelled. (3:30)
  • The prospect of mandatory IQ tests for voters, the sort of thing that would bar tomtitesque types from voting, is discussed. (3:53)
  • Mirrors puts Ingiga on the spot, expecting him to have total recall of British political history. A mad scramble of research ensues. (5:26)
  • Tomtit’s latest obsession is alluded to. (6:34)
  • Mirrors defends transhuman implants by citing a children’s cartoon. (7:06)
  • Tomtit and Mirrors muse over the eras of RTD and their relative size compared to Moffat’s. (7:41)
  • Neo makes a formal apology. (8:36)
  • Mirrors waxes prosopagnosially. (10:50)
  • Ingiga crows slightly. (12:16)
  • The episode’s ending is discussed through the conversational equivalent of an insufferable Reddit pun chain. (13:42)
  • RTD’s writing of transhuman material is discussed(-ing). (17:04)
  • From the flames of Cataclysm, to the icy mountains of Tamriel…(20:56)
  • A bunch of Doctor Who fans hate Rose(-ie). (21:48)
  • Tory, Labour, ****; politics very understandable to an American such as Mirrors are discussed. (22:39)
  • Dancing Viv, dancing May, oncoming Boris. (25:39)
  • Only death can pay for life; Ingiga and Mirrors take their leave as the remainers (hm) discuss the episode’s music. (27:17)
  • The podcast’s antibiotics fail, as the two infectants return. One immediately dons itself in tinfoil. (32:55)
  • Tomtit insists on mashing up the show with BREAKING BAD, to Neo’s delight. (34:10)
  • The boomer Mirrors has long since lost track of Disney’s movies. Ingiga jokes about Neo’s opiniondaddy. (34:34)
  • News about the rumoured DOCTOR WHO film, from years ago, is broken. (35:31)
  • Mirrors winces, misunderstanding the purity with which Neo’s mind operates. (36:48)
  • Tim Shaw is a big blue cheat! (37:21)
  • Tomtit references a Vince Gilligan show, to everyone’s surprise. We were unaware he’d watched any! (38:13)
  • RTD’s homage to Pete McTighe’s KERBLAM! is discussed. (39:33)
  • Neo begins his sixty-second-soapbox, on the manner of what exactly the genre of the show is, in a rare case of him (myself) caring about semantics. Mirrors snaps back to reality. (40:20)
  • Only death can pay for life; Tomtit takes his leave, as he doesn’t watch the “next time” trailers, and the remaining triumvirate wanted to discuss them. (45:21)
  • Mirrors wanted the episode to…how to put this…not be like Broadchurch series 3? For the starkly penetrative insights of the show to be much, much more stark. (47:58)
  • Wake up Neo! (48:40)

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