YEARS AND YEARS | Episode 6 (Finale) | Review & Discussion

Who Cares about the finale to YEARS AND YEARS, Russell T Davies’ 2019 sci-fi family saga? Everyone here clearly cared quite a lot, as opinions clashed over a finale that proved divisive.

Edited by Neo

Neo’s cinegrid for YEARS AND YEARS, episode 6
Neo’s barcode for YEARS AND YEARS, episode 6. Barcodes are every frame of a video compressed into a line, typically to compare colour palette patterns. The bottom version is further compressed to just indicate the dominant colour of a frame.



  • Opinion on an RTD finale is mixed. (1:16)
  • Deadlocked coins the term ‘temporal exceptionalism’ to describe what he found the finale to explore well. (4:24)
  • Neo complains about how the last two episodes of the series felt adrift from the first four. (7:14)
  • Tomtit takes issue with the episode’s pacing and amount of content, yearning for more character interactions. (8:15)
  • Neo notes symmetry, “poetry”, across the series. (9:35)
  • Regeneration, it’s a lottery. (10:03)
  • Tomtit reveals his least favourite scene of the entire series. (10:46)
  • Muriel and Celeste’s relationship. (12:49)
  • We want the Netflix audience. (13:51)
  • James Blake, Blake the Snake! (14:04)
  • Fruit. (14:30)
  • Deadlocked speaks Neo’s language. (15:06)
  • Neo details the three things about Stephen being forgiven that sat wrongly with him. (17:37)
  • Viktor’s importance. (21:19)
  • Neo takes issue with ambiguous endings. (24:28)
  • Clash of the showrunners. (25:57)
  • The red corridor. (26:26)
  • Do you hear the trickster men, the trickster men are near / If you hear the trickster men, then turn away your ear / Do not vote for trickster men, whatever else you do / For once you vote for trickster men, they’ll build a camp for you, AKA, melodrama and theatricality in the finale. (27:05)
  • People have very different opinions on Murial’s big speech in the finale. (29:26)
  • Shallow engagement with politics. (34:52)
  • Transhuman unionisation. (40:13)
  • Recasting. (42:23)
  • I am a gamer, and I always will be. (43:49)
  • Neo tries to discuss Lincoln, to a captive audience. (43:56)
  • Morph shares his opinion on Lee. (44:57)
  • We nitpick kino, we nit, we nitpick kino. (49:47)
  • Tomtit has fascinating views on property. (50:48)
  • DEADlocked shares his last words. (52:31)
  • Nate’s thoughts on the finale. (53:22)
  • Mirrors’ thoughts on the finale. (53:52)
  • The cast unlocks the true, explosive meaning of the ending. (53:34)

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