Chib Iron 🎵🤠 | 100+ Subscriber Special! 🎉

Who Cares about reaching over 100 subscribers? Let’s celebrate with a song, a tale of three showrunners – and just who is “Jim Shaw”?


  • Vocals by Deadlocked
  • Instrumental from “The Karaoke Channel”, Stingray Music Group
  • BIG IRON by Marty Robbins
  • Many clips used from episodes of the 2005 revival of DOCTOR WHO
  • Clips used from Peter Davison’s comedy film THE FIVE(ISH) DOCTORS REBOOT
  • Christopher Eccleston clip from THE SECOND COMING
  • Billie Piper clip from HONEY TO THE BEE music video
  • RTD and Moffat together from a Radio Times interview
  • Intro title cards taken from PRESS GANG, JOKING APART, CHALK, COUPLING, and JEKYLL’s first episodes
  • Chibnall interview clip from “Regenerating DOCTOR WHO” from the Series 11 blu-ray
  • Peter Capaldi “subscribe” clips from and
  • Photoshop of Jodie Whittaker Bandersnatch style from Nilso; assorted WHO CARES? icons from anonymous photohounds
  • Jim Shaw rumours from ‘reliable’ spoilerhounds


To the BBC of London came a Welshman one fine day
He demanded that they bring back Doctor Who; they said OK
Oh ’cause this man he sure meant business, so they just could not say no
And that’s how Rusty Davies became the man who runs the show
The man who runs the show

And it’s true that Rusty Davies loved the show with all his heart
With a northman and a popstar, gave the show a brand new start
And he made the show adored by all the fans around the globe
And that’s what he accomplished as the man who runs the show
The man who runs the show

But one day Rusty knew his time on the show was to end
So he passed the show off to his greatest and most trusted friend
Oh this Moff was born for greatness, and this Rusty did know
And that’s how Grand Moff Steven became the man who runs the show
The man who runs the show

Now this Moffat was used to bringing kino to the screen
And his timey-wimey plots had smashed our brains to smithereens
So he made so much more kino as he put his pen to page
And the good lads of ”Who Cares?” would call his run the Golden age
The run the Golden Age

With Coleman and Capaldman Moffat’s show reached newfound highs
But after seven years it seemed he had to say goodbye
And it took two to replace him, cuz his shoes were just too big
Yes our brand new Who showrunners would be Chibnall and his wig
Chibnall and his wig

And Chibnall’s show was just so bad that we could hardly cope
We cringed at boring plots and empty speeches about hope
Oh it lost it’s unique charm and reeked of musty old capeshit
We despaired as Doctor Who fell into Chibnall’s iron grip
Chibnall’s iron grip

Now we’re hearing whispers of a brand new character; Jim Shaw
Could Chibnall save his show with this mysterious outlaw?
But this man’s a familiar alien, the spoiler hounds insist
With incisors on his face and, yeah, some canines by his lip
Canines by his lip

To help us cope we thought we’d maybe cover the show as it aired
“But if we did that, would there even be a single soul Who Cares?”
Well after some few videos, with viewcounts climbing higher
Thank you for listening, we’re over 100 subscribers
100+ subscribers

Subscribe, subscribe
Thank you for listening, we’re over 100 subscribers
100+ subscribers

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