The Halloween Apocalypse 🐶 Discussion & Review | Doctor Who: Flux

Strange new structures, new production logistics, the ‘too early to judge’ argument, accents, stakes, Liverpool, meta foreknowledge, new companion dynamics, & more!

Broken Mirrors


00:00:00 Intro
00:02:04 What we liked
00:05:32 Structure of the episode
00:12:24 Segments of the episode
00:22:19 Exciting or deflating?
00:30:18 Production logistics
00:40:26 ‘It’s too early to judge’
00:48:59 Accents
00:55:02 Karvanista and the Lopari
01:00:51 The Weeping Angel scene
01:07:43 Thirteen & Yaz
01:14:07 RTD and the future
01:17:50 Irrationality & outro


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Clean Opening Titles video from “Darkduck”,

2018-2022 Doctor Who theme variation by Segun Akinola


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