War of the Sontarans 🥔 Discussion & Review | Doctor Who: Flux

Ritualistic beats, Swarm’s physicality, educational writing, a sense of fun, timey-wimey storytelling, Chibnall’s framing of Mary Seacole & Russia, Lungbarrow, Marvel, & more!



00:00:00 Intro & what we liked
00:04:47 Swarm & time going weird
00:15:05 Ritualistic beats & Sontaran saying something
00:26:42 Fun, fam, Dan, RTD
00:31:08 The spooky house, Lungbarrow, Marvel
00:44:20 Cliffhangers, episode titles, The Division
00:50:39 Mary Seacole
00:54:54 Russia & this era’s ethos
01:00:17 Yaz, ‘What would the Doctor do?’
01:05:09 Grounding things on Earth, serialisation
01:09:35 Outro


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