Survivors of the Flux 🌲 Discussion & Review | Doctor Who: Flux

Moral infection, 2018 nostalgia, UNIT & fanservice, phone-watching, multiverses & mythology, timeless motherhood, coherence & contractions, rhythm & legacy, and more!


00:00:00 Intro, & what we liked
00:04:00 The role of Aswok
00:07:06 Explaining the episode
00:14:16 Complicated plots, incoherence, contractions
00:22:33 Connections, rhythm, structure, pacing, serialisation
00:28:08 UNIT callbacks & payoff, judging too early
00:36:19 Chibnall’s intentions with Kate & UNIT
00:43:49 Timeless Motherhood, Bel & Tecteun
00:51:13 Space laws
00:53:58 Acting
00:57:36 Yaz, Dan, Jericho
01:02:52 Thasmin
01:04:37 Williamson, Sontarans, surprises
01:07:47 Multiverse, influence
01:14:57 Swarm & Azure, space & time, particles, exposition
01:24:45 Norse mythology, Aswok’s set
01:30:02 The Division, opaqueness
01:33:03 Who the show is for, phone-watching
01:47:27 Questions of legacy, RTD’s return


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