Flux Finale: The Vanquishers ⌚ Discussion & Review | Doctor Who: Flux

Chibnall comments, character arcs, emotional storytelling, maximalist Who, can-kicking, deflection discourse, tautological morality, fandom perspectives, incuriosity, 13 & Yaz, avoidance, serialisation, & more!


00:00:00 Intro, & what we liked
00:09:23 Purist Chibnall, was the finale a surprise?
00:10:51 Chibnall’s comments on Flux, & emotional arcs
00:23:05 What was the story of Flux?
00:31:12 Thasmin, romance, queerbaiting, third wheels
00:37:32 Bel and Vinder’s story
00:44:57 Avoidant storytelling, technobabble, companion iconography
00:51:29 Use of the Ood
00:53:00 The Division & Tecteun, lack of resolution
00:57:06 Man with a plan: five-year plan, stories planned out?
01:08:44 Azure’s speech, Doctor/villain morality, life ideologies
01:20:48 ‘Time’ the person, four knocks, regeneration, emotional equilibrium
01:24:54 Why write it like this in the first place?
01:30:54 ‘It’s not that deep’, & musings on fandom
01:48:07 ‘Wasn’t that enough? It did do what we expected.’
01:52:38 ‘This is new, serialised storytelling. Don’t judge it the same way!’
02:05:29 ‘It was very deep. You didn’t understand it.’
02:11:10 ‘It was full of ideas, it was Doctor Who’, & time in our lives
02:17:37 ‘Your real problem is with something else.’
02:21:08 ‘You are judging it too early.’
02:25:41 ‘There are only 3 episodes left, is it worth complaining?’
02:27:27 ‘Journey before destination’, fanedits, the three showrunners
02:42:24 ‘It was filmed during a pandemic’, & episode comparisons
02:50:11 ‘The ratings!’
02:52:29 ‘It’s similar to a past thing, therefore…’, & hypocrisy
02:56:21 The Karvanista, Bel, & Vinder trio
02:58:12 Di, Passenger, & genocide
03:03:35 Dan, Di, Liverpool, change, & story reactivity
03:08:21 Final observations: spooky houses, matter, emotional backbone, lanyards
03:18:06 Outro


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