The Chimes of Midnight 🏠 Discussion & Review | Doctor Who: Christmas

Spooky Christmas mysteries, comedy meeting horror, class & labour, emotional paradoxes, evolution of Doctor Who, writer instincts, aural imagery, narrative traps, genre expectations, magic time brainwashing, & more!



00:00:00 Intro
00:04:40 McGann’s acting + the 8th Doctor & Charley
00:10:55 Comparisons to other Doctor Who stories
00:17:43 Visualising the story
00:22:36 Edith & class
00:34:59 Structure of the story
00:40:08 A dark Christmas + 2002 context
00:47:38 Comedy & horror
00:53:58 Companion relationships
01:02:03 Mystery genre + haunted houses
01:08:34 Story rules + magic time brainwashing
01:12:39 Other versions of this story
01:23:51 Edward Grove & life
01:29:22 Shearman quotes
01:35:04 Stories making sense
01:43:17 Accessibility: when can you hear this story?
01:48:38 Horror moments + cover of the story


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