Revolution of the Daleks πŸ”’ Discussion and Review Podcast | Doctor Who: 2021 Special

Dalek depth, police parallels, Yaz yearning, troublesome timeliness, beanies, Barrowman, yes, there’s an awful lot to discuss in this podcast about Revolution of the Daleks, the 2021 Doctor Who New Year’s Day special.

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Did Moffat or RTD’s era have the best Christmas specials? πŸŽ… Doctor Who Debate

Did Steven Moffat or Russell T Davies have the better Doctor Who Christmas specials? Two opposing sides battle this question out in a Doctor Who Debate!

For this debate, we tackle the question of which era of Christmas specials were superior, the 2006-2009 David Tennant Christmas specials from Russell T Davies, or the 2010-2017 Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi Christmas specials from Steven Moffat. Each side makes two arguments for their position, before a final conclusion and rebuttal. Many points are raised, many sources are pointed to, many takes are shared β€” but it’s up to you to let us know what you think, and who won the debate!

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A Christmas Carol (2019) πŸŽ„ Discussion & Review Podcast

The 2019 ‘A Christmas Carol’ is an incredibly strange and interesting adaption. Elaborating upon, or perhaps rebuking, Charles Dickens’ original novella to an absurdly dark extent, the three-hour miniseries focuses on very modern concerns in a Christmas classic. The marvellous and striking imagery, Guy Pearce’s intensely committed lead performance, and Steven Knight’s canny tweaking of the material made for an adaption well worth watching, and certainly well worth talking about.

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Should Classic Doctors have been in the 50th? πŸ–ΌοΈ Doctor Who Debate

Should The Day of the Doctor have featured Classic Doctors? Two opposing sides battle this question out in a Doctor Who Debate!

1 show. 2 fans. 1 question. 2 perspectives. This is Doctor Who debate, where we each take a side, and tackle a controversial question about Doctor Who β€” but it’s up to you to decide who won the debate! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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The Timeless Children πŸ‘§πŸΎ Discussion and Review Podcast | Doctor Who: Series 12

Infinite potential, the nature of change and mystery, the finale’s paratext and positioning, the many stances on the series, chosen one narratives, lore, Morbius, the Other, and so, so much more is discussed within!

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